Express Your Interest

During the seven weeks back at school, a lot has changed. Having to wear masks, new people and friends but mostly a whole new classroom!

Even though a lot has changed in the holidays, the materials stay the same. The Montessori way has stayed the same. Wearing masks is a bit of a difficulty but thankfully we have the outside veranda, where we can take our masks off. When we sit outside, our tables are distanced 1.5 m away from each other but is it very refreshing. 

Being home schooled for one week was interesting to see how everyone, well, worked from home! We did have the occasional tech problems but in the end everyone got their fair share of work to do and done in the comfort of their own homes. It was encouraged to try different things that you usually wouldn’t do at school like gardening, cooking/baking and occasionally playing video games. 

-Nicole, aged 10, Janda class