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Friday 27 October saw the Montessori Picnic in the Park attended by Rockingham Montessori, Perth Montessori, Casa Mia Montessori and The Montessori School in Kings Park.  We had approximately six hundred students attend this fun day of various sports activities and we would like to thank all the parent volunteers who made this day possible.  A huge thank you also to Jodi K for arranging the interschool event and providing this opportunity for our children to meet new friends from the other Montessori schools.  Our work with the nine other Western Australian Montessori schools continues to grow and our staff look forward to attending Perth Montessori School this Friday afternoon for a Montessori Teacher Association networking sundowner.


I am delighted to inform that RMS will host an Association Montessori International 0 – 3 Diploma commencing in August 2024.  This is a fabulous opportunity for Western Australians to undertake this training and the very first time this is offered in Western Australia.  If you attended and loved our Infant Toddler Program and would like to help us to commence new playgroup opportunities for our youngest children and families, why not consider this as a new career opportunity?

Please visit the Sydney Montessori Training Centre for more information https://www.montessoritrainingcentre.com.au/courses/ami-montessori-0-3-diploma/

What a fun afternoon for the Rockingham campus last Friday with the Fashion Parade and Market Stalls organised by the children. Jodi informs me this is an original 1970’s mu mu from her mother!