Express Your Interest

I would like to welcome Nicole Fenton Clark to staff as our half day assistant in the Penguins class whilst Nat is on maternity leave.  Many of you would know Nicole as she has been the relief for Playgroup and also relieved in many classes throughout the school.  Nicole has also been a parent of our school since 2013 and has undertaken Montessori training with our staff over the past two years.

One of the wonderful aspects of our school is our sense of community and this was evident last Friday night at our movie night.  It was a beautiful balmy evening that saw so many of our families enjoy this event.  I would like to thank the Community Spirit for hosting this event and in particular to Paula, for her coordination of the team that bought the night to fruition.  Also thank you to the Adolescent Students who held their pop up café on the night.  Please pop into your diary our next Community Spirit event which is our Open Mic Night on 21 June.  If you would like to help organising this event please email Reception@rms.wa.edu.au or jump onto our RMS Community Spirit Facebook page to join this group.

Another aspect of developing our sense of connection to the school and our community is having families join in after school activities on site.  I would like to thank Ferne for her overseeing of the Chess Club each Tuesday and encourage families to get involved in this event.  I have recently had a group of upper primary children ask if we could start a basketball club afterschool and at our last Community Spirit event one of our parents volunteered to oversee this afterschool activity.  Keep an eye out for more news of this next term.   A reminder to families that do stay on the school site out of class times that we require you to actively supervise your children as we do not have staff on duty out of school hours.

For the past two weeks during lunchtimes we have taken groups of primary children to the Blue Park.  This was a trial to get ready for the Sports Day however the children have enjoyed this so much that we have now scheduled for the Upper Primary children to go on Mondays and Wednesdays and for the Lower Primary children to go on Fridays to the Village Green Park.  The children have taken their lunch to the park and we have changed our duty roster to ensure we have sufficient supervision both off and on site.  It is wonderful for our children to have this regular going out opportunity and I thank our fantastic staff for making this possible.

We look forward to seeing families at our end of term school meeting from 2.15 pm on Wednesday 10 April. A reminder to families about the upcoming Sports Day next term on 9 May at the Village Green in Rockingham.

Vanessa Aikins – Principal