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Last week we were delighted to receive our shipment of new shelves for all our Primary School classrooms and for the Adolescent Program library. These shelves are bespoke for each of the classrooms and now enable the teaching staff to display all of the new Montessori materials that were ordered last year. I would like to particularly thank the AP students who were amazing at unpacking and shifting the furniture, many hands certainly made light work. Yulia, our school librarian, is particularly excited to have the opportunity to now focus on expanding the resources for adolescent students to access in our enhanced library setting.

Our team at the West Coast Montessori – Early Learning Centre were also delighted to receive the Children’s House shelving from the Kara, Dolphins, Seahorse and Penguin classrooms and both Deb and Liz are now busily creating practical life jobs for these shelves.  On 5 March we held a parent information session for our families from the West Coast Montessori – Early Learning Centre (WCM) followed by a staff meeting.  This enabled the families and staff to be introduced to a Children’s House classroom – the Kara prepared environment.  Over the coming weeks, the staff from WCM will be undertaking observations in the Kara classroom and also the Rockingham Infant Toddler Program. I would like to thank all of our Children’s House team who are supporting the staff at WCM during this transitioning phase to Montessori practice at the Centre.

I am very pleased to report the renovations at the Rockingham Primary School site in the multipurpose area between Penguins and Jellyfish classrooms are progressing well. The plumbing for the Jellyfish toilet and disabled toilet is now complete along with the movement of our telecommunications connections, reticulation and security systems all being relocated.  We will shortly see the removal of the final internal wall, which will then allow our alfresco staff area to become an internal space.  Also the rear door and Jellyfish storeroom will be completed in the next week. Thank you all at the Rockingham site for your patience.