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Over the past three weeks, I have been backfilling Tony’s position in the Adolescent Program, whilst he has taken part of his Long Service Leave.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this time in the AP as I have been immersed in all the activities we are offering to our eldest students.  I would like to thank Danna Checksfield for setting up the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre incursion and viewing of a video about the conservation efforts in place for the Forest Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, Carnaby Black Cockatoo and the Baudin Black Cockatoo, all of which are under threat of extinction.  Our students have been highly motivated to now look at what we can do to ensure there is a green corridor maintained for the migration of these birds, as the southwest of Western Australia is a hotspot of biodiversity for these three unique species.

I would also like to thank Kiera for setting up workshops for our AP students from “We Are Womxn” https://www.wearewomxn.com.au/ and also Man Up https://www.manupwa.org.au/ .  Kiera through her work with WA’s youth parliament, has been looking at the health curriculum delivered to students across Western Australia and felt there was a need for more tailored education around consent.  I was delighted to take part in the “We Are Womxn” workshop this week where we had our 12 – 18-year-old girls and students who wanted to be part of this workshop, fully engaged in understanding what consent is and the importance of developing protective behaviours.

Last week we welcomed Laurie Ewert Krocker, the founding head teacher of the Hershey Adolescent Program in 1996 and the course director for the AMI-NAMTA Diploma. Laurie has worked with Montessori Adolescent Programs across the globe and led the original 12 -18 training academy from Hershey Montessori School in Ohio. Laurie spent last week supervising and observing our five staff members who are undertaking the Association Montessori International 12-18 years Diploma. I am very proud of our staff members as they received excellent feedback from Laurie as did our entire program. Laurie applauded our innovative design of our prepared environment and was thrilled with the outcomes our students are achieving through our partnership with Big Picture Education Australia. I am also delighted to announce that since our last newsletter, we now have further conditional university early offers received by our year 12 students in Psychology, Arts and Science.

We thank Amanda Hunt for the amazing work and leadership she has provided to the administration team over the past two years in the Business Manager role.  Amanda has made a huge impact on the school by selecting and guiding the implementation of the TASS program to digitise our school operations.  We are excited to announce that this term the school is transitioning to online reports and families will no longer receive a hard copy report unless they request this.  Sadly Amanda has chosen to step out of a full-time role with RMS and I would like to welcome Andrew Evans who will commence this week as our new Business Manager.  Andrew joins us from Catholic Education WA where he has supported numerous schools in financial and business development. We also thank Rebecca Wraight, the past Noorn’s teacher, for the work she undertook in the Adolescent Program and wish her well in her new pathway.  We welcome Julie Grobbelaar who has joined us as a maths specialist and sharing the role of Maarmong/Bamba advisor with Nikki.  A huge thank you to Danna who is now joining us full time to take on the Noorn’s advisor role.

I would like to advise that Clare McCaskie, our Dugongs teacher, will be taking twelve months’ leave in 2024.  Clare and her husband will move to Germany for his work and Clare will be replaced by Lani Maher. Lani undertook practicum placements with Robyn in our Jellyfish classroom and has recently returned from completing her AMI 6-12 Diploma in Delft in the Netherlands. I would also like to inform our Penguins families, that we have appointed Lauren Ton to replace Franzi whilst she is on maternity leave in 2024. Lauren worked at Beehive Montessori School from 2013 and in 2021 moved to Nido Early Learning Centre in Myaree whilst undertaking her AMI 3-6 Diploma in 2019.

Thank you to our Adolescent Program students who formed the very first Montesoiree committee and who created a fabulous event for the whole school on the 20th of October. Also a huge thank you to Lara Sclippa who created the concept of this event and worked with the team of adolescents to see her idea come to fruition.


A huge thank you also to Jodi Kerslake for bringing together RMS, The Montessori School, Perth Montessori School and Casa Mia Montessori School for the Picnic in the Park last Friday. This was such a fun day and was greatly enjoyed by all. Your perseverance Jodi in the face of all the elements our WA weather threw at this event (postponement with rain in term 1 and then the threat of bushfire in term 4) was commendable and we thank you for ensuring we could safely join with our fellow Montessori friends for such a great day.