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Many families ask about our Adolescent Program and how this builds from our Montessori Primary School classes but more importantly how this prepares their child for post-school life.  Over their time in the Adolescent Program, students compile a portfolio of their best work over the six years (Middle School 12 – 15 years and Senior School 15 – 18 years), this provides an overview of the interests and achievements of the individual.  Our Senior School students have access to a wider scope of activities including TAFE placements, Internships, The Duke of Edinburgh Award, University Preparatory Courses all whilst studying the Montessori Curriculum that enables students to go deeper into their areas of interest via the Interest Projects.  Our Adolescent Program utilises the Big Picture Education program – Welcome | Big Picture Education Australia which provides a tailored approach for each student by following their interests.  This aligns beautifully with our Montessori Curriculum whilst also providing our students with pathways for university entry and aligns with TAFE/further training application processes.

Stirling with his Bronze Award, received as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Our Adolescent Program has grown from 120 students at the beginning of this year to 132 for the beginning of term 4. We have eleven Senior School graduating students this year with six of these students currently submitting tertiary entry applications and one of our students having already received an early entry placement in Primary School teaching at Murdoch University.  Two of our five students opting for a TAFE pathway, have been offered Apprenticeships in their area of first choice.  Our Senior School students have undertaken a vast array of Internship placements this year including engineering, electrical, satellite tracking, maritime and childcare with many more not mentioned here.  I could not be prouder of this group of focused young people who have worked hard through their high school years to set themselves up for the success they are now achieving.

For 2024 our students’ success continues, we have 24 of our Upper Primary students transitioning to middle school and joining with 12 students from outside of the school to replace those students who are graduating.  We are committed to having slow growth and high retention across the school to ensure we maintain the strong work ethic within our community and focus on the individual needs of our cohort. I am delighted to also inform our 2024 Senior School cohort has already commenced applying for TAFE courses which will be undertaken as part of their school program next year.  Examples of these courses include; Horticulture, Fashion Design, Aviation, Tourism, Childcare, Hospitality, Nursing, Building and Construction and Music just to name a few.  We have nine students who will be applying for the TLC110 Murdoch University Undergraduate Course which if successfully completed will give direct entry into Murdoch University. Our students also have the opportunity to undertake these uni bridging courses for Notre Dame, Curtin and Edith Cowan Universities.  This shows the strength of incorporating the Big Picture approach to our Montessori Program.

It was wonderful to have forty representatives from our Adolescent Program attend the 2023 Senior School Formal at AQWA in Hillary’s Boat Harbour last Thursday night.  We thank The Montessori School in Kingsley for hosting this event and as you can see, our students had a fantastic night mixing with students from Treetops Montessori, The Montessori School and Perth Montessori. This is just one of the many exciting events occurring in the Adolescent Program at this part of the year.



Last Friday evening, Kadence held her Art Exhibition titled “Better Than Words”.  This outstanding event showcased the artwork Kadence has produced over her high school experience and I am delighted the School was able to purchase one of Kadence’s works.  All our Final Year Senior School students will be holding their final exhibitions by the end of Week 6 next term and in Week 7 these students will be involved in celebratory activities that they are organising, to culminate their 12 years of formal education.  The final weeks of their high school journey will be undertaking social impact activities that will give back to the school community.  Some of these activities include; teaching sign language to the Primary School students, covering and cataloguing library books, and continuing the painting of the Timeline of Life in the Adolescent Program environment.  Adolescence is such an exciting time.


“It is impossible for the world to come into a class.  It is too large. Dr Montessori had a more direct idea; to give the children “the keys to the world”; “the children should have an experience of their own with the world, so that they learn to appreciate it and the people living in it.” (Revised edition of the reprint of a lecture held by Mario M. Montessori in the Netherlands 1956, previously published under the title Tendencies of Man.)

To find out more about our Adolescent Program come along to our Parent Education Evening on Tuesday 24 October at 6pm where we will continue the Silent Journey experience that commenced with the Primary School exploration from our Term 3 Parent Education Evening.

Check out our Alumni page on our website to hear from some of our past students.

As the term comes to a close, we say farewell and thank you to Rebecca Wraight, Amanda Oldridge and Karen Austen for their work in the school.