Express Your Interest

I loved going to the Observatory because you can drop water balloons off of the tower and watch them splat on the floor, you can even count the stairs, but you must know how to count to at least 300. The tower is 45 meters high and is on a leaning angle. In the dome you can touch a pure iron meteorite, go up the stairs and travel from the first organisms on earth to the mighty megaladon tooth, found right there in Gingin. Outside there is a planet walk, so you can follow the order of the planets from the Sun and Jupiter in size comparison to Earth. There is also a Gravity Discovery Centre, which has a tube that is one kilometre long and it takes 3.3 seconds for sound to come through. To prove this you can bang the tube and listen to the other end.
Overall, I think that the Gingin Observatory is awesome!!

By Caitlin (Dugongs Class)