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“Imitation is the tool given by nature to children to help them adapt to the particular place where they were born and that enables them to adapt to the customs of their specific environment.”  Maria Montessori 1947

Dugongs Classroom – Leadership:

Leadership is a set of behaviours used to help people align their collective direction, to execute strategic plans, and to continually renew an organization.  In Dugongs Class we have many opportunities for our students to take on leadership roles.  Some of these include; Rockingham City Council School Representative, managing the school meetings, organising class sport activity, task of the day feedback etc.

Dugongs Class – Consistent Routines:

Children practice choosing which order they prioritise their tasks throughout their day.  A weekly schedule is provided on Monday and each student plans their week as they see fit.  Each day children schedule Spelling, Maths, Comprehension and Grammar. This creates a classroom where one student is often working on a different subject area to a student sitting right next to them.

Our classrooms try hard to have consistent routines and structure that help children feel safe and secure.  These routines include daily work cycle, group lessons, individual lessons and individual work time.  This helps the children to develop a sense of order and self-regulation.