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Turtles and Dugongs Update Term, 4, 2022 – Week 2

We have had a fun start to the final term of the year with sports day, an author visit from Morris Gleitzman, fun team building activities, along with formally welcoming some new team members to our group: Welcome Zara (Turtles EA) and Jodie B (Science specialist).

Team Building

Spaghetti towers was the first team building and TRIBES exercise this term with a focus on working together and problem-solving while incorporating some STEM initiatives engineering and mathematical thinking. Students were challenged to connect with new team members in the Turtles and Dugongs cohort and create a plan to build the tallest tower they could with only 10 pieces of spaghetti, blue tack and 1 metre of tape. We reflected as a group on the qualities of great team teamwork along with the challenges and successes for the activity.

Science with Jodie Borgia

It has been such a delight to return to RMS after being in Oregon for 6 years. RMS has always felt like home so being back is incredible. Some of my little Penguins are now not so little! Returning to the Children’s House has been so exciting but I am also feeling so welcomed by Clare, Ruth, Jessica and Zara in the Upper Primary.

This term I will be offering science lessons to the Dugongs and Turtles. Our topic is Simple Machines. In the first couple of weeks, we talked about forces and learned about Newton’s Laws of Force and Motion. The students were able to explore the three laws by participating in marble experiments. They enjoyed the idea of ‘playing pool’ in class, but it was actually a little more challenging than they expected. In the coming weeks, I look forward to exploring friction, gravity, pulleys and other machines, and getting them all excited about the world of science.