Express Your Interest

Term 1 started with a focus on welcoming our students to our new classroom layout Dugongs / Turtles Classroom.    

Art: Rug Making and Finger Knitting

Rug making and finger knitting has proven to be a very popular activity in our class.  These activities support and encourage concentration, finger dexterity, fine motor skills development and creating something artistic.

Our class has also had the opportunity to welcome Kadence into the class to give some art lessons.  She is in the Senior School at our Rockingham Montessori Adolescence Program and was once in the Turtle’s class herself.

General Class Work
Classroom organisation

Our students are working towards independence.  One of the tasks designed to support this development is by starting each day with organising their daily work schedule.  The students place work onto their personal schedule.  As students come into the class they may find it challenging to complete this seemingly easy task for adults, however, as we know, our students need time to learn what works for them and will slowly improve in this skill over time.  The younger children in the class use trial and error with planning and over time become better at organising their daily tasks.  Our goal is to have the students be able to schedule their tasks for the week.  


Students are working on their own levels.


Our students are exploring poetry writing.  So far we have created haiku poems and cinquaine poems.  Both of these poetry styles are usually about aspects of nature like seasons, animals and environments.

Students also have the opportunity to do research on an interest area of their choice.  The process the class follows is:

  • Complete morning jobs.
  • Complete the “proposed research plan” 
  • On completion, each student can present their work to the class.

Students are able to work on their report after they have completed their morning tasks.

I look forward to their presentations.

Grammar and Comprehension

Spelling and Sounds Write

Jess is working with our amazing students to provide an engaging program for Sounds Write in our Classes.  The remaining class members are progressing well on out Targeting Spelling program within the class time.