Express Your Interest

A warm welcome to our new families who started their Montessori journey with us this term. We are delighted to guide you and your child through promoting independence, encouraging a love of learning, demonstrating care for the environment (indoors and outdoors), developing fine and gross motor skills and showing you how to incorporate Montessori into your life.

It is often the little things that capture the attention of the very young, one parent commented this week that she’d never seen her daughter concentrate so hard for such an extended period. You do not need to offer dozens of toys, just a few good quality rotating items along with plenty of books for you to read with your child and plenty of opportunities to encourage independence through practical life work at home. Your toddler is very capable!

We have limited places at the Lakelands and Rockingham playgroups for the rest of this term, but if you would like to bring along a friend for a free trial when you next visit please let us know.