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In the Montessori methodology, children are taught to be mindful in their day-to-day activities and the prepared environment is set up to be functional and calm. Children in the Children’s House join a group yoga session where they select yoga cards representing a single yoga position and teach their peers how to move into the position on the card. They must practice patience, listening and communication skills, in some poses, like lotus, the time the position is held is extended. It’s interesting to observe how some children naturally settle in, close their eyes and tune into the quiet nature around them. While other children find it challenging and when asked about what animal they heard allowed their imaginations to run riot! Unless there are unicorns in Port Kennedy!

Within the Children’s House, children can choose the yoga cards as a job. It’s interesting to observe when children feel they can benefit from some time on the mat, what children prefer to practice alone and who likes to practice together. Beautiful work from our little yogis.